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Well, I agree that the marketing is not brilliant, but as the O/S isn't finished and there's no software to run on it yet... what are they supposed to market? "

"Hey look, we have a product to sell but we can't show it to you, and we don't know what you can do with it... but we do have a name for it, so buy one now!"

And as for grabbing money from prospective buyers to keep the business above water, what else do you suggest? Perhaps you have some better ideas that you'd like to share with them free of charge.

"The whole thing reeks of inconfidence andshaky pylons doomed for failure. Half ass crap comin' at ya outta Amiga (St)Inc."

Well, before you do any marketing in the english language, maybe you should check your spelling and grammar. I suppose you mean "wreak" and I'm not quite sure what "inconfidence" is. Not heard that one before. Did you mean "incompetence" by any chance? Or maybe a "U" instead of an "I", but even then it's suspect.

You wouldn't like to hear my comments about "Half ass crap comin' at ya outta Amiga (St)Inc.", suffice to say you do less for the english language than Amiga do for the A1.

Anyway, a lot of good ideas and technology have fallen by the wayside in the past, but not all because of bad marketing, rather the wrong kind of marketing. The two are not necessarily the same. The A1 may or may not succeed. Let's hope it does!
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