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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
I have a Kickstart ROM Switcher with 3.1 and 1.3 ROMs in my A600, and even when running it in 1.3 mode there are a few games that won't run, but they run fine on my A500s. I think it must be because they need Fast RAM, not just Chip RAM. On the other hand, there are games that will run on the A600 but not on the A500, like Odyssey and Primal Rage.
Would games that require the fast ram be ok if i used a 2mb SRAM PCMCIA card? I will have a 1mb expansion in the trapdoor and 2mb in the PCMCIA slot (2mb chip + 2mb fast )

And here's another thing that just occured to me... I believe the early A600's cannot use IDE drives because of the early KS 2.05 rom (37.299) but also heard the early one's don't even have an IDE port! I don't know which version i've bought until it arrives but it comes with the old style tank mouse and larger A600 PSU (i always thought the A600 came with the same mouse as the A1200 as my old one did).

I guess the A600's that originally came with the larger PSU and A500 tank mouse are the older revisions??

EDIT: if i use a rom switcher with KS 1.3 then the PCMCIA slot would not work anyway meaning no fast ram
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