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Being someone who is an avid self student on business and finance, I can only state emphatically now: To hell with this technical mumbo jumbo. The business model I see developing here from Amiga/Eyetech etc is laughable and doomed for failure. I have no question about that. Nothing to do with the AmigaOne or OS 4, what look to be great products from descriptions. The business model is built so poorly, so amateurely. The "$50" Amiga promise thing was a PATHETIC grab for infusion of money to keep the whole rotten, ridiculous project going for a few more months. All I read about on the A1 update page is "Keep costs down". Yes, thats important, but to continually aver this in a release is lousy business practice. The whole thing reeks of inconfidence andshaky pylons doomed for failure. Half ass crap comin' at ya outta Amiga (St)Inc.
What a joke.
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