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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Might be this one :
There was also another one, but I can't find it now.
Yeah i was also discussing the A600 in that thread.... I basically said it was not worth getting but now i have bought another one just to see how it goes! and the main reason i bought one this time is due to it's size.

I still have a couple of A500's (will get rid of these if the A600 works out) and i also have my nice A1200 for use with WHDLoad. I just wanted a smaller Miggy to use with my large collection of floppies as the A500 is too big, especially with the GVP HD8+ attached!
Basically with this thread i'm trying to weigh my options and see if i can get away with just using an A600 + relokick or a rom switcher for running my old floppy games and util's (i'm sure most will run fine on an A600).

It looks like i wont be missing the numpad much as so far the games that need it are not really one's that i play or even own! Can anyone think of any decent games that will not run on an A600 even with Relokick? I can then see if i have any of the incompatible games in my collection (i suppose i always have WHDLoad and Winuae to fall back on... )
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