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Unhappy Oh dear

What on earth is happening here? People talking about a comuter that almost nobody has seen, yet they condemn it without regard because it won't play 10-15 year old games?

I wonder what wood have happened if Jay Miner, Carl Sassenrath, R J Mical etc had decided to make a new computer that was bang up to date, yet compatible with a machine from 10 years previous?

Come on guys... the A1 is a new machine, with new H/W and OS and because it's called an "Amiga" we shouldn't get hung up on running old versions of Turrican, DPaint and Wordworth. It should be able to churn out 60+ fps in Quake 3, render fast, good looking effects in a modern version of Photogenics or produce documents on a word processor at least as good(?) as MS Word. This is what most serious Amiga users have wanted. Copious amounts of horsepower with good games and apps, in just the same way that the original Amigas had in their heyday.

I have a moderately expanded A1200, and I have a PC (4 in fact, but none of them are that 'modern' and 2 of them are 486s!). I even have a 68030 Mac, as well as a ZX81 and an old Atari 800XL. I also have Amiga Forever running nicely on my P3 500, and it actually feels better than the real thing as I can run it at ultra high res with no flicker on a 17" monitor, 256Mb ram and 40+ Gb of HD!!!!

Apple didn't make everything backwardly compatible in hardware when moving to power PC... they used emulation. People bought native PPC apps that blew the socks off anything they'd had before. Do Ford make their cars backwardly compatible with a Model T?

Either buy an A1 for what it is and what it can do, or just leave it and use whatever else you want to. Just bear in mind that almost nobody (note I say "ALMOST") is producing S/W for the classic Amiga range, and even the stuff that is available now, just can't compete in the speed stakes.

I'd prefer an A1 with twin G4s myself, but if the new A1 is good, I'll buy one.

End of rant. Sorry.
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