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I'm not ashamed of it - why should I? It just prooves that there's more to the Amiga than just games.
Custom chip dependant games are a thing of the past, period.
Living in the past is not an option but I say there doesn't seem to be a link with the past and future. Why is this new machine, an
amiga? OS is important yes but the old amigas also have the os and more.

Sorry, but I doubt that you're the person that decides if a computer platform is dead
Can you deny my statement? If I thought amiga is totally dead, would I join this discussion? What does this have to do with my personality?

Please stop talking about "Eyetech's decisions". Eyetech don't have the engineers to do that on their own. Their only option was to contract somebody for doing the design stuff. That's what they did. Now that Escena dropped out, there's nobody left who's up to the job. If you don't think so, please name some likely candidates
I'm just trying to be sure of eyetech's attitude. I hope they are just "incapable" as you say, but I despise this kind ofmarketing tricks and feeling pity for this company is just not a thing I'll do. The name of the guilty company is not of my interest, I'm a lazy user I cannot name a candidate or anything sorry

You are always claiming there's a demand for games compatability. Are you able to proof it? No? As you seem to be sure that such a product would sell like mad, are you willing to invest 250.000 dollars to make the product happen? No? Okay, then name some candidates that would be willing to do so? Ups, you can't come up with names? What now?
In this discussion, many of this board's members explicitly said they are interested in compatibility. I don't believe any kind of amiga hardware will sell much at all but a compatible amiga is way too interesting than a Macish machine running linux on it. I say a compatible A1 may be less disasterous than an incompatible one meanwhile I can grab one if I like it

Actually, that supposed demand is your only valid argument
You don't like my way of argument, you don't reply. But I'd be sorry actually for I like to discuss these things with you

How are you able to estimate that demand, if you don't know the price of the product nor the actual implementation? The PCI bridge would have been shipped for about USD 150. Would you be willing to pay 300-400$ for a non-upgradable Amiga on a PCI card,while you can get an upgradable A1200HD+Monitor for a fraction of that price? The only 68k CPU still in production (at very
low quantities - read: these babies are expensive) is the 68060. Okay, you could use the Host-CPU to emulate the 68k, but ups...
there goes the 100% compatability.
As I said, the important factor is the attention of Eyetech and Amiga Inc. During a period of time, they had and will have the
opportunity to make people like me content, wasting this opportunity is their problem. Buying a 2ghz pc seems to be a way better solution but there are just -other- reasons we're using amigas remember? Actually we are all retrocomputing people.

Custom chip compatability for retro-gaming may be cool, but from a commercial point of view it's simply hilarious.
That's my demand, that'll make me buy a new machine or not. Otherwise, amithlon on a fast pc will beat this amigaone anytime!
That makes amigaone such a mundane and unimportant piece of hardware for me. You may just assume I'm alone on this but I
can assume you are alone on your claims too. They may be only able to produce "this machine" and I say "I don't want this machine" it's that simple. Now I wouldn't even start this discussion and would just decide not to be interested in this A1 issue at all but I'm the sort of guy who wants to see the the return of the amiga but in a much grander way. I say compatibility is important that's not all for me, I'm sure compatibility would not make me half content with A1. I would go on bitching until I believe the new amiga was the kind of machine that can bear the name. But realistically I accept this is not a thing that can happen in short term. In this case I'm just trying to believe in eyetech's attitude, but I see a company that uses the amiga name with their odd machine.

No. The people interested in the AmigaOne are mainly inerested in a computer for their everyday needs. To them, backwards compatability is a lot less important than it seems to be to you. Ironically, you're demanding features for a product you don't even want to buy
Well that would make me want to buy, I didn't even have an amiga when I signed up on this board.

No, it just prooves that the Amiga had more to offer than games - even a decade ago.
So games were lesser elements than professional applications a decade ago?

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