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Hm, I'm starting to understand your desire for backwards compatability...
Heh, i'm a maniac, I know
DPaint is a real loss, no doubt. But you could always run it in UAE... I know that's a bad alternative...
Mainly because of the cack mouse response. I just cant use the PC mouse, it feels liek arse. The Amiga and the Mac Classic II give me PERFECT mouse response and allow me to work so easily!
Same goes for Videotracker
Isn't that some kind of demo maker on drugs? Are you using it for video related stuff or are you really doing "presentations" to be played on a local computer? You should really have a look at MediaPointRTG (see below). Additionally, the upcoming "RainBoot v4" (a former boot picture/animation tool) acts as a standalone demo-maker/multimedia tool (shareware). I'll get a beta version soon, I'll be able to answer questions regarding its functionality then.
I'm using Videotracker as a live performance videotool. I setup Vidules made of effects/videos/stuff on various scenes and I trigger them live with the joystick. This gets mixed with stuff I display with the PC, created with Flash MX. The other channel is a videocamera shooting live at the place. Works EXCELLENTLY and I cannot replace this tool. I use a Flash MX pseudo-3D routine, but the vector routines in Videotracker cant be beaten. I have HUGE scrollers. Starfields. I can display ANIM5s and fuck aroudn with their colors realtime. This is unmatched by any program on any platform. And yes, it keeps a very retro feel. I like this feel, it makes it unique. Recently Old Fashioned, as a friend of mine would say No new tool can replace what this bitchy does
Years ago we were using Scala MM 300 a lot, it's a damn good piece of software. But I already have a 68k beta build of the upcoming MediaPointRTG running here, and I think you won't miss any functionality when switching from Scala (at least I don't miss any). A lite version of MediaPointRTG will be bundled with OS4.
I'm kind of letting Scala go away now... i'm focusing with Videotracker. Scala's great but Videotracker is much more suited to my live performance needs. Now if I would interface it through MIDI like that jap guy did, that would rock.
IIRC, this one already has gfx-card support (i.e. it should work on the A1). Additionally, the sourcecodes are available, aren't they?. I don't see much of a problem here. If it helps to bring back your positivism, I even might have a look at them sources
I have no clue really about cources, I think you are right. Dont worry about it. I wouldnt be able to use RTG ayway. I need the composite output. I'm connecting the Amiga to a video mixer, not directly to a projector (that would take VGA as input).
Hmm, so that would mean MediaPoint is useless to me, again Without a composite video port the Amiga becomes a useless videotoy in my setup.

Ok, I'm not moaning again about the A1, I know it won't fdo it for me! I hope you understand my severe NEED for the Custom Girls

If you think using these apps is retro, wait and see me pushing pixels with my C64 live I really want to shove up a video of a live performance on my site, but I'm having space problems right now.
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