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Hmmm.. well, I'm a bit of an arse here, but it seems my mind and heart cannot withstand a machine with the "Amiga" brand that won't let me play Turrican

From Twistin's viewpoint, the A1 is a godsend. And I dont think it's that expensive. It's much cheaper than a Mac, and I preffer a PPC to an x86 ANY DAY. But Macs cost so much!

I just wont bother with the A1 anymore and not bitch about it anymore... it's just not worth it, it's not the product for me! The software I use for work, unfortunately, will never be available for the A1 (and if it appears on the A1, you can bet I'm teh first one switching ). For now my only choice is Mac. if I had the budget :P

Will Amithlon 2 support PPC and run OS4? I'm interested in these new multimedia apps you keep on talking about, Korodny.
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