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I believe the beta version is what I'm using atm.

This is the sort of output I get when trying to extract an example IPF:

C:\uaeunp>uaeunp CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf
    [VDIR] -------- -------------------          CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf.DIR
   1049612 -------- ------------------- 24CC4713 CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf

C:\uaeunp>uaeunp CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf.dir
unpack 'C:\uaeunp\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf.dir' failed
zfile: tried to free already closed filehandle!

C:\uaeunp>uaeunp CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf
Couldn't open directory 'C:\uaeunp\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf\CruiseForACorpseDelphine_Disk1.ipf'

As you can see, it seems unable to read the filesystem of an IPF somehow. Don't know if the CAPS/SPS dll is needed, but then no reference to it is made within the executable anyway.
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