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EAB mini projects

Just had a thought...

Associated with EAB are all kinds of cool big projects - WinUAE, ClassicWB, KG's WHDLoad packs, GameBase Amiga, AMR, HoL, the EAB file server, etc etc

But then there also lots of very cool smaller projects done by EAB members which you'd only notice if you happened to be around at the time, or were lucky with a Google search.

So I thought perhaps we could have a thread with links to threads where people have done some cool stuff not really available anywhere else. Here is a few that I have come across to start off (I bet there's loads I've missed from the past few years):

Super Street Fighter 2 DX CD32 and WHDload (enhanced version of SSF2, previously unavailable for CD32):
[viddi and Boo Boo]

JAmiga, a friendly front-end for WinUAE config files

HD installed versions of Super Skidmarks, enhanced to 2.21 (with the 12 extra tracks - 36 in total):

Day of the Tentacle AGA:

Mega Lo Mania Editor
[Hungry Horace]

Championship Manager Editor

Stunt Car Racer: The New Tracks

Elite Advanced

List of short names of Amiga cracker groups
[bippym / idoru]

Anything else pretty nifty from EAB members past or present worth highlighting?

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