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Now I wonder... what shops? Who is willing to distribute the A1? Will we see a market campaing for the A1, or is Amiga Inc. just counting with the already existing Amiga users base? (One that's smaller than it ever was).
Nobody has the money to do a merketing campaign. The AmigaOne is pretty much relying on the well known brand name - this ensures a lot of public recognition: In Germany, TV coverage is already granted. Big european computer magazines are covering the latest happenings around AmigaOS. Berlin's biggest printed newspaper covered the release of both OS 3.5 and OS 3.9 in its "media" section. Slashdot and the register are covering it (the typical Slashdot reader is exactly the kind of guy the AmigaOne is targeted at).

I have some friends who usually tell me "I would like to have a MAC, but nearly no one has it, it would be hard to find software for it. Webpages are all about PC software, I rarely see MAC software to be downloaded"... I don't care if they are right or not, it doesn't matter, because they THINK like that. What would make those people change their mind and buy an Amiga instead of a PC?
As Twisting already pointed out, the AmigaOne does not target (can not target) the general computer users at the moment (due to the lack of funding). While the AmigaOne theoretically is still a perfect "homecomputer" (easy to use, good intuitive software, fast boot times, no shutdown required etc.) it's expensive (compared to the average low-cost PC) and you'll be the only one in your neighboorhood using one.

The general computer user may be targeted later, if everything works out the way it is planned. As you already stated, AmigaDE (which will get integrated into AmigaOS later on) might be killer. But that remains to be seen and is no argument to buy an A1 now.

And I also had a very naive thought. I live in Brazil, will I be able to buy an A1 without paying taxes and shipment? I guess not, in the end, the A1 will probably get more expensive than a PC for me... WHERE the A1 will be sold? Europe? USA ? Australia?
Unfortunately, that's no naive thought

The AmigaOne will be initially sold by Amiga dealers. Amiga dealers are available in the US, Europe and Australia. Unless you live in a very big city, you don't have a dealer in your town, but that's no big problem. For years I was just calling my preferred dealer and told them what I need. The next day the ordered item arrived at my door.

Unfortunately, does not list any dealers in Brazil, Argentina or other southern American countries I tried.

There are some big electronic stores interested in selling Amiga products (including the A1), but that will certainly take a while and probably won't help a brazilian user....


And was it a change that caused a huge success? Or was it a natural step in the evolution of the amiga platform? No, there just haven't been good software support on amiga platform compared to the commodore days therefore no good games appear. Computers with multimedia capabilities did/do become popular and remain alive mostly bacause of games. It's not a thing to be ashamed of.
I'm not ashamed of it - why should I? It just prooves that there's more to the Amiga than just games.

Custom chip dependant games are a thing of the past, period.

The amiga has been dead for a lot longer than six years, nearly no new amiga users appear for more than that!
Sorry, but I doubt that you're the person that decides if a computer platform is dead

Eyetech's decisions
Please stop talking about "Eyetech's decisions". Eyetech don't have the engineers to do that on their own. Their only option was to contract somebody for doing the design stuff. That's what they did. Now that Escena dropped out, there's nobody left who's up to the job. If you don't think so, please name some likely candidates.

if I can get some sort of clue about how much they are aware of the existance of people who are not %100 content of what eyetech is doing at the moment.
You are always claiming there's a demand for games compatability. Are you able to proof it? No? As you seem to be sure that such a product would sell like mad, are you willing to invest 250.000 dollars to make the product happen? No? Okay, then name some candidates that would be willing to do so? Ups, you can't come up with names? What now?

Actually, that supposed demand is your only valid argument. How are you able to estimate that demand, if you don't know the price of the product nor the actual implementation? The PCI bridge would have been shipped for about USD 150. Would you be willing to pay 300-400$ for a non-upgradable Amiga on a PCI card,while you can get an upgradable A1200HD+Monitor for a fraction of that price? The only 68k CPU still in production (at very low quantities - read: these babies are expensive) is the 68060. Okay, you could use the Host-CPU to emulate the 68k, but ups... there goes the 100% compatability.

The only reason custom chip compatability was ever considered was the fact that some key applications require them. Custom chip compatability for retro-gaming may be cool, but from a commercial point of view it's simply hilarious.

Sadly, the latter doesn't exist today and amigans seem to accept all that is given to them
No. The people interested in the AmigaOne are mainly inerested in a computer for their everyday needs. To them, backwards compatability is a lot less important than it seems to be to you. Ironically, you're demanding features for a product you don't even want to buy

This doesn't sound like they decide the amiga over the alternatives, it just seems that they're looking for a backwards compatible solution
No, it just prooves that the Amiga had more to offer than games - even a decade ago.
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