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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
the avi4hv executable is not the AMIGA program to playback the video.
It is the Windows program to convert the 15bit avi file and wav audio file into an amiga HAM6 video.

When you have created the HAM6 file you then run HAMP.RUN from the shell on an amiga.

eg. Shell> HAMP.RUN {your video name}
Thanks for yours explanations !

I used avi4hv in a WinXP shell, it run well, but the only problem I had is concerning the output file. After two tries with 2 different video/audio files, avi4hv generated each time a 1KB file. The process was very fast. My sample video is 37 seconds, so maybe it is too short ? Is there a minimum/specific length for a video file (like for the specific video resolution that must be 320 pixels) ?
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