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the Amiga stopped being a games machine six years ago
And was it a change that caused a huge success? Or was it a natural step in the evolution of the amiga platform? No, there just haven't been good software support on amiga platform compared to the commodore days therefore no good games appear. Computers with multimedia capabilities did/do become popular and remain alive mostly bacause of games. It's not a thing to be ashamed of. The amiga has been dead for a lot longer than six years, nearly no new amiga users appear for more than that!
Sure -amiga-, by the people who hold the rights of the name has been changed but there are more people who use winuae to play classic titles than the ones who use the ppc machines as their main systems. Amiga is now in a position to turn it's back to those who can again form a great user base. That makes me worry. Eyetech's decisions, based on financial facts can be understandable if I can get some sort of clue about how much they are aware of the existance of people who are not %100 content of what eyetech is doing at the moment.
Nobody said this. But custom chip compatability is expensive and complicated. What I say is "if it doesn't happen, I can live without it".
That's what it implicitly sounds like to me, we are already -living with that-, just using our old amigas today but the problem is, are they really unable/will remain unable in the future for technical reasons or do they just don't want to do that at all. Providing backwards compatibility might not be much of a financial gain and they might be planning not to do that ever. But as users, we need to be aware of the true attitude of the company against us. Then we can force them choose either of -a little bit of financial loss- or -the serious reaction of people- Sadly, the latter doesn't exist today and amigans seem to accept all that is given to them.
The Amiga has changed. It's as simple as that. An australian railway company was eagerly awaiting the release of the A1 - because they needed to replace their Amiga based info terminals (they went for Amithlon now, as they couldn't wait any longer). NASA wants to replace their slow A2000/3000/4000 machines and ComputerCity generate a lot of interest amongst professional customers with their upcoming AmigaOne/MediaPointRTG bundles. That's what the Amiga is now.
This doesn't sound like they decide the amiga over the alternatives, it just seems that they're looking for a backwards compatible solution

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