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Well, I don't believe the A1 is trying to "compete" with the PC the way the Mac is. That's certainly too high of an obstacle to take on this early in the game. I believe it is aiming for perhaps the old Amiga crowd and/or users brave enough to throw away their Windows training wheels. There are certainly enough users who are fed up with the stranglehold of M$, but most are too chickenshit to make a change - even while using Windows in tandem. Their loss (and mine).

I was gonna address the IF thing before and forgot. It's a nice speech, but where would we be today if the original Amiga dream team did not embrace the "if" word? Where would Bill Gates' fortunes be if he and his partners in grime had not uttered "if" in their master plan? There's a lot to be said for "if" as long as the grunge work follows behind it. But the word in itself is not the cop-out it's been described as.

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