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New to the board - and to Amiga

Hi all,

When I was a kid I had a C64 with datacorder, back then floppy disks were high tech and unaffordable The C64 was great back then but I have always had my eye on an Amiga with the super high res colourful graphics and stereo sound, unfortunately that was even more unaffordable...

I forgot about the whole Amiga thing until I ran into an Amiga 500 at a local flea market a month ago... the guy wanted 10 euro's for the whole deal so I went home with an Amiga 500, 1084S monitor, some disks, a mouse and two joysticks. Played around with that for a bit and then realised I needed an A1200. Picked one of those up then realised I needed an expansion card. Picked one of those up and then realised I needed... well I don't know yet but I am sure I will think of something

Thanks for having me on the forums
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