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Well, I see Korodny talking about "Hey, stop talking "IF", the Amiga One exists, it will be released, and it will be at shops"

Now I wonder... what shops? Who is willing to distribute the A1? Will we see a market campaing for the A1, or is Amiga Inc. just counting with the already existing Amiga users base? (One that's smaller than it ever was).

I have some friends who usually tell me "I would like to have a MAC, but nearly no one has it, it would be hard to find software for it. Webpages are all about PC software, I rarely see MAC software to be downloaded"... I don't care if they are right or not, it doesn't matter, because they THINK like that. What would make those people change their mind and buy an Amiga instead of a PC?

And I also had a very naive thought. I live in Brazil, will I be able to buy an A1 without paying taxes and shipment? I guess not, in the end, the A1 will probably get more expensive than a PC for me... WHERE the A1 will be sold? Europe? USA ? Australia?

Korodny, I wish you could answer me those questions, I would be very happy...
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