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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
Define "muffled"...

That's because of the echo filter, mainly. There are many crystal clear sounds, let me upload an example from raw SNES output:
Can Amiga do this sound? Never. Ever. (Well, with another sound card it can) Not even with AHI on paula...
Well, paula can do 2 channel 14-bit sound.. But it still sounds a bit weird, and somehow higher-frequency filtered..

I meant high-quality for being SNES It's not like voices are high-quality on Amiga either.
Your example mp3 is gone, by the way.

To truly appreciate the Amiga's audio quality, download these three files from the Zone:


Sorry about the splitted file, but the Zone only accepst files up to 6 megabytes in size, and besides, WinRar will join them automatically when you unarchive the first one

I made the wav file in the archive by converting a Final Fantasy 8 PSF file to a 44.1 khz 16 bit stereo wav using Winamp, then I converted the wav to 28 khz 16 bit stereo using Sox, which does a great job at preserving the quality.

The resulting wav can be replayed directly using a 14 bit player such as Hippo player. Just make sure that you don't use AHI. Beause the wav is 28 khz it doesn't have to be downsampled, and it can thus be replayed by Hippo player directly. Of course you can use any other 14 bit capable player that doesn't need AHI.

The replay quality in 28 khz 14 bit is actually very good (I use a calibration file, by the way), and I doubt that the SNES can match this quality And do try it on an Amiga, don't use WinUae
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