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Akiko update

I noticed this on Aminet several days ago, didn't see it mentioned here, so here ya go:
Short: CD32/CDTV emu for Win95
Author: (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Uploader: (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Type: misc/emu

More info on:
--- --- ---

Akiko is a cool CD32 + CDTV emulator for systems equipped
with Windows95 and up. It uses custom patches to achieve
the best compatibility. But see below for the powerful
features of Akiko:

* does not require CD32 and CDTV extended roms for emulation
* perfect digital CD audio emulation
* boots CD32 & CDTV games from CD-ROM, harddisk folder and ISO images
* audio tracks can be stored as MP3s on harddisk
* real Joypad emulation (Joypad buttons can be defined by the user!)
* sexy NV Ram emulation which runs independently from DOS
* flexible NV Ram editor that supports patching, locking, importing & exporting
* super smooth video playback
* language emulation for CD32 and CDTV
* supports over 150 games
* high compatibility due to the use of custom patches
* inbuilt image viewer for game covers
* games load ultra fast due to the usage of Win32's filesystem
* online help and a big documentation
* it's possible to kick up the cool intro animations and rom applications
* interface is written in 100% C and the patches in 68k ASM
* and much more....

To sum it up: Akiko is the CD32 & CDTV emulator of your choice!
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