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Super StreetFighter II Turbo is absolutely awesome, arcade perfect, i only installed it the other week. Its a game that really points to the fact that the A1200 should have come with a CD Drive by default.

It looks like the Streetfighter II conversion rather than the lame Super Streetfighter II conversion with the piddly sprites.

However, as i have it on hard drive only, i cant get the music to play (sfx work ok mind -same problwem i have with Xenon 2 CDTV), burnt it directly to CD as i *think* its got all the sound files but alas made no difference. I wonder if it would be possible...perhaps im doing something wrong. I have a lack of understanding when it comes to CD32 games.
Do i need to create to put it in the root directory and create a s/startup-sequence that references the prog file or is there more to it than that? In other words, is the music held differently on CDs?
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