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But it has custom chips

Sorry, you should see how INVALUABLE these chips are to me. I use them for work. A lot.
Hm, I'm starting to understand your desire for backwards compatability...

And Deluxe Paint is, in my working environment, an irreplaceable tool!
DPaint is a real loss, no doubt. But you could always run it in UAE... I know that's a bad alternative...

Same goes for Videotracker
Isn't that some kind of demo maker on drugs? Are you using it for video related stuff or are you really doing "presentations" to be played on a local computer? You should really have a look at MediaPointRTG (see below). Additionally, the upcoming "RainBoot v4" (a former boot picture/animation tool) acts as a standalone demo-maker/multimedia tool (shareware). I'll get a beta version soon, I'll be able to answer questions regarding its functionality then.

Years ago we were using Scala MM 300 a lot, it's a damn good piece of software. But I already have a 68k beta build of the upcoming MediaPointRTG running here, and I think you won't miss any functionality when switching from Scala (at least I don't miss any). A lite version of MediaPointRTG will be bundled with OS4.

and MNUĀ³
IIRC, this one already has gfx-card support (i.e. it should work on the A1). Additionally, the sourcecodes are available, aren't they?. I don't see much of a problem here. If it helps to bring back your positivism, I even might have a look at them sources

All of a sudden the idea of the Amiga One started to appeal to me, mainly because OS4 seems to be a corker, and by all teh good things you said about it. But now it all went down in flames because teh PCI card to interface this with an A1200 is never going to appear. I was even planning already to buy an A1200 mobo from Mick for this purpose.
Even if the PCI bridge doesn't appear, there are other solutions: Put both motherboards in one case, network them with Envoy (Ethernet, recommended) or ProNet (serial/parallel). Get a gfxcard with Video-In and connect the A1200's Video-out to the gfx card. Using some simple batch scripts you could integrate the two machines to a degree that makes you think there's just one computer in there. Should work with all applications that don't kill the multitasking and use OS function calls for keyboard/mouse inputs.

Amiga Inc. has managed, again, to destroy my positivism about their stuff...
Really, this is not Amiga Inc.'s fault. Everybody from Eyetech, Hyperion or Amiga Inc. is pretty angry towards Escena... But there's nobody else willing to work on such a solution, so what should they do about it?
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