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This is a matter of seeing the subject from a certain angle or not, sure amiga had workbench from the very beginning but it doesn't owe it's success to the os!
That's absolutely correct. But the Amiga stopped being a games machine six years ago. The old games are not responsible for the fact that there are still three Amiga dealers in my town, that there's still new software being developed and that there's a new Amiga just around the corner.

The Amiga has changed. It's as simple as that. An australian railway company was eagerly awaiting the release of the A1 - because they needed to replace their Amiga based info terminals (they went for Amithlon now, as they couldn't wait any longer). NASA wants to replace their slow A2000/3000/4000 machines and ComputerCity generate a lot of interest amongst professional customers with their upcoming AmigaOne/MediaPointRTG bundles. That's what the Amiga is now.

As an existing amiga user, I can't have the exact feeling of using a classic amiga when I'm using my PPC
Agreed. That's why I make a difference between "retro" users and "modern" (don't know a better term) Amiga users.

eyetech's decision
Once again: Nobody decided that custom chip compatability would be a bad thing. Escena simply dropped the project, probably because it was too much effort for to less financial gain - or because they were unable to do it (I'm just speculating).

"Classic amiga is dead, play with your rotten a500s if you are so enthusiastic about it!"
Nobody said this. But custom chip compatability is expensive and complicated. What I say is "if it doesn't happen, I can live without it".


What would have been ideal for me however, would be a classic Amiga AGA machine on a PCI card that goes into either a Power MAC or a PC.
Mick Tinker tried this four years ago ("Access") and he didn't succeed. What makes you think that somebody will resolve the related problems today? There's no money left for R&D, there are practically no engineers left that are up to the task and the demand has practically vanished.

Besides, do you really think an add-on PCI card for existing PC's is able to generate a viable market for software developers? I don't think so.

I tell you what, if Amiga, Inc. had contracted with one of the Taiwanese chipset manufacturers they would have had a product a long time ago
You know what? Amiga Inc. were practically bancrupt the whole last year. It's a miracle that the company still exists. The AmigaOne and OS4 will only happen because Amiga Inc. don't have to invest a single dime in any of those projects (at least no now).

Stop dreaming about "Amiga on a PCI card" solutions. Nobody in the Amiga market has the ressources left, let alone the intention. For now, the last chance was the PCI bridge card .


Agreed 100%.
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