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This is all rather futile, isn't it? Since when is it required that new computers maintain full compatibility with decade+ old software. Maybe some examples of a machine released these days that has backwards compatibility with its old games? It's never even a consideration. We have ample ways to play the old games (emulation, our physical classic Amigas, etc.) so why must we create near-impossible demands of a new machine that is likely to cripple and/or stifle new inroads in technology advancement just so we can play Turrican. CD players aren't sold with 45RPM backwards compatibility, despite the loud army of vinyl freaks who piss and moan about the digital harshness of CD's.

For me, I am looking for an escape route, if you will, to the crippling effects of having to use a PC. Everyday I bitch about the stupidity of this box, its OS and the shabbily-written bloatware apps. I need a port in the storm. The Mac isn't that port. Some form of Unix/Linux/etc. might be the ticket. But I always liked AmigaDOS and there is a possibility of returning to some of the concepts revolutionized with that OS in a modern environment. And if I can't boot up Titus the Fox on that system, I'll boot it up on one of my four A500's that I paid practically nothing for. I already own them, they are already taking up space and they are what the game was created to be run on. But I want a machine that I can interact with on a modern level without the need for a PC that I so vehemently despise.

My 2k...
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