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@ Jack, Look at the readme in the archive that I put in the zone.

AVI to HV converter 2009 NOV 16


HAMP.RUN - Amiga 68K executable for video playback, requires filename as

AVI3HV.EXE - original converter program written in QuickBASIC for DOS
(slow, and may not work on recent versions of Windows)

AVI4VH.EXE - updated converter compiled using freeBASIC for win32

Instructions for using this program

First, create an AVI file with 15-bit RGB uncompressed video,
and with the desired framerate. (Must be 320 pixels wide and max.
216 lines.) Save the audio as a separate uncompressed 8-bit WAV file.
(mono and stereo are both supported, sample rate must be less than 29KHz.)
Virtualdub is a good program for this purpose.

Run AVI4HV with the AVI file specified on the command line.


The program will attempt to parse the AVI header and will
display some information like resolution, framerate, etc.
If this info is wrong then there is some kind of problem and
it probably isn't going to work. Otherwise, it will then ask
you for the path/filename of the audio file, and then the
output file.

When the conversion is running some rubbish will be displayed
on the screen (DOS version) or input video (Windows version).

Playback may be limitted by the speed of the CPU and disk on
the Amiga. I have tested on an '030 accelerated A2000 and an A1200
with a 1.3GB IDE drive and full screen videos at 15fps were possible.

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