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Will AmigaOne ever make it to the masses? Or will a few hundred be the lucky ones? My guess is the latter. When I see it in shops and can order it online, and believe me, i will, then I will beleive it.
Now I'm confused, really. If you agree that the "A1 might get released", what makes you think that there will be "just a few hundred lucky ones"?

Eyetech and Hyperion are risking a lot by developing the A1/OS4. If they fail to bring it to the market, both of them will loose a lot of money. But if they manage to release it, why should they limit the availability?

Easy now man.
I'm easy. If it seems otherwise, that's just my limited knowledge of the English language.

(and the fact that my sense of humour doesn't work too well in written form, but from my point of view you're having the same problem )


Your words convinced me of liking the A1, something I never considered before!
Oh, thanks

And your words now also convinced me that I was right, this is not the product for me. There's no need to get onto "Amiga Inc. lovin mode",
That might be true. It really depends on what you expect your Amiga to do. It seems you're using your Amigas to be creative - in a way the PC doesn't allow you to be creative (you mentioned a bunch of really cool and unique oldskool applications in that other thread). Of course, if the A1 doesn't run your main applications, it's not of much use to you.

But your approach is still somewhat "retro", isn't it? While these applications were extremely cool when they were released (and still have good things on offer), they appear limited by todays standards. The problem is that the AmigaOne is not "retro" (IMHO of course).

the backwards compatibility issue, methinks, was a defining factor among all those that actually have expanded Amigas and looked onto this as a way of putting their miggys up to scratch with today's standards. It's not me alone who would like the system to have backwards compatibility, am I?
Well, not on this board, of course The people using eab are the "retro bunch". Of course they're all for backwards compatability. But go to and read the archives: People were even flaming the A1, because of it's backwards compatability.

But seriously, nobody is against backwards compatability - but if there's no chance of getting it, I'll move on and live without it. I can do that, as I didn't use the custom chips on my main Amiga in the last three years (that's when I got my soundcard).

I think I might as well switch to Amithlon, what do you think?? I have a pretty fast PC.
Amithlon does have the same level of backwards compatability as a stock AmigaOne: It doesn't emulate the custom chips. Basically, Amithlon turns your PC into a superfast OS3.x based Amiga without custom chips. I don't think that's what you need?
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