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I also like the A1 and the approach being taken to update the OS, coupled with a faster machine

I however I'm with Akira and Burseg in that I want the backwards compatibility

What would have been ideal for me however, would be a classic Amiga AGA machine on a PCI card that goes into either a Power MAC or a PC. I tell you what, if Amiga, Inc. had contracted with one of the Taiwanese chipset manufacturers they would have had a product a long time ago and in the meantime would have had some extra cash to shove into marketing and design of both the new OS and Motherboard. I think they could've gotten many users to switch over to the A1 because of this design.

I do realize that CBM had architecture way ahead of anything at the time but you would think with the advent of .15/.13 micron chip design being the mainstream now, it surely would have the ability to create custom designed asic's for use on a PCI card like this. Of course these are just my opinions on how this could've come about but hey there may just be others that agree with me, who know
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