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It's not me alone who would like the system to have backwards compatibility, am I?
No you're not alone

But, original A1200 was never meant to do many things when it was first released. A computer manufactured in 1992 can connect to the internet, with additional hardware you can have loads of memory, fast PPC cpu, PCI slots and more. A1 is doesn't seem to be designed run old games at all but we can have some sort of hardware solution if A1 becomes successful and if there's enough demand for backwards compatibility (I'm using too many "if"s see? )

Being able to connect an A1200 mobo didn't look like a solution to me at all, you can't just rely on a piece of hardware that is not in production for 10 years besides I believe it is much cheaper and easier to manufacture AGA chipset now, then it was in 90s. I know the quantity will be small but I say I demand this hardware, Akira does and so do many others. If we just shut up and accept what Amiga Inc. offers, or persuade ourselves that Amiga Inc. is providing the best solution available, we'll never get what we really want. Emulation is just emulation, real hardware is another thing. Putting an 68k cpu on mobo is expensive therefore not possible, that's understandable since I can justify emulating an 68k cpu with a PPC cpu in my mind. But the problem is, a new amiga needs to be natively compatible with the old amiga, and the old amiga was alive for many years not with it's os (no matter how great it is) but with games that benefit from the specific hardware it had. This is a matter of seeing the subject from a certain angle or not, sure amiga had workbench from the very beginning but it doesn't owe it's success to the os!

As an existing amiga user, I can't have the exact feeling of using a classic amiga when I'm using my PPC, even though it is a classic amiga! Just the shape of the case doesn't let me to live the experience to it's fullest. It's a matter of percieving your needs, my pc is faster than my ppc amiga, my ppc amiga is faster than my 030 but slower than my pc. Neither of my PC, and PPC amiga offer the classic experience I'm having using my 030 amiga so I like my 030 more than my PPC! Call it a luxury, but retrocomputing is luxury and we're kind of people who enjoy it.

A1 is a different piece of hardware sure, but we demand additional backwards compatibility when it is possible, there's nothing bad thinking about it, I may be an amiga customer once again when this requirement is met, it's eyetech's decision whether or not to meet this demand, third party solutions might also appear as well. Appearance of a new amiga, no matter how compatible it is, is the beginning, but as users, we need to tell them what we really want when it is time. once again

"Classic amiga is dead, play with your rotten a500s if you are so enthusiastic about it!" Saying this, will not be a solution neither for users nor for hardware/software developers. The existance of demand for backwards compatibility cannot be ignored. None of us wish eyetech or Amiga inc. lose money on this, but this kind of attitude is very dangerous since it's us enthusiasts that have kept the amiga alive all these years, and we'd be so very upset if we feel we're tricked once again, insisting on not to meet the demand might be a fatal mistake.

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