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Originally posted by Korodny
The AmigaOne/A1200 combination was never meant to replace a standalone A500/A1200 system.
Of course, because the A1 would have expanded the A1200!
One thing is funny: If I state that I already have a working A1 and that these babies will hit the market, Fred says "Zzzzzzzzzzz" while Akira moans "I don't trust them anyway". But if I tell you that I don't expect that the PCI bridge will ever become reality, everybody takes my word for granted and starts bashing Amiga Inc.
I moan because this is not what I wanted. You are the "current Amiga stuff" guru over here, no doubts about that. So I believe strongly in what you said/say. Your words convinced me of liking the A1, something I never considered before! And your words now also convinced me that I was right, this is not the product for me. There's no need to get onto "Amiga Inc. lovin mode", the backwards compatibility issue, methinks, was a defining factor among all those that actually have expanded Amigas and looked onto this as a way of putting their miggys up to scratch with today's standards. It's not me alone who would like the system to have backwards compatibility, am I? Don't be so unfair upon moi

I think I might as well switch to Amithlon, what do you think?? I have a pretty fast PC.
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