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I actually looked at the A1 as an expansion to my A1200... Expanding my A1200 enough to make it run OS4 and teh great new apps.
Look, the custom chip backwards compatability would have been a nice gimmick - nothing more. It would have enabled you to run some old games and demos, or some 1989 landscape renderer. If you regard this as the main advantage of the AmigaOne, well then the AmigaOne is crap: Its backwards compatability would have been pretty limited anyway. A JIT-emulator booting some Kefrens demos from a floppy disk that it only accesses through registers that are mirrored over a PCI connection? Ouch

The AmigaOne/A1200 combination was never meant to replace a standalone A500/A1200 system. If you still need to run some very old stuff (DPaint), you'll now have to run it on your standalone A600/A1200 (which you would have had to keep anyway, even if the PCI bridge would have been released) or under AmigaUAE.

The promise of a way to connect the A1200 to the A1 to provide full backwards compatibility is now gone. What's next?

See why I don't trust Amiga Inc., or anything cominfg from them, anymore???? They just rammed another finger up our asses.
While Amiga Inc. are making lots of mistakes, you can't blame them if the A1200 connector doesn't make its appearance. This is an Escena product, it was announced as an Escena product and Escena failed (will fail) to deliver it. There's nothing Amiga Inc. (or anybody else) can do about it.

One thing is funny: If I state that I already have a working A1 and that these babies will hit the market, Fred says "Zzzzzzzzzzz" while Akira moans "I don't trust them anyway". But if I tell you that I don't expect that the PCI bridge will ever become reality, everybody takes my word for granted and starts bashing Amiga Inc.


A classic law of logic, or of critical thinking:
The more "ifs" in your idea/theory/arguement, the weaker it is, until it cannot support the weigh of the claim.
There are no "ifs". The A1 is finished. Working machines have been demonstrated to the public in the UK, the Netherlands and the US (two AmigaOne computers running Linux were demonstrated at the AmiWest two weeks ago). Eyetech did proof that the design is finished and that it works, what else do you expect? I guess they could visit you personally and shove a working A1 up your ass, and you'd still be complaining that "it's just a big joke". A thousand people already prepaid 50$ to state publicly that they're going to buy one. The only "if" in there is the following: Eyetech would be stupid if they wouldn't hit the market as soon as possible.

AmigaOS4 is another problem. Obviously, I can't proof that it exists, but you somewhat seem to believe in it anyway, as you were already asking what classic hardware you'll need to run it. Hyperion is currently considering releasing a mpeg video of the A1 booting OS4 (to the CLI). Don't know if they'll do it though.

AKira, how about you tell me the specifics of WHAT hardware i need to run 3.5.
I'd consider a 68030, 16MB and AGA to be the minimum hardware requirements. A gfx card is highly recommended, but if you don't have a bigbox Amiga (A2000/3000/4000) that option is way to expensive. If you have an A1200, get any of the Blizzard accellerators (1230, 1240, 1260), depending on the amount of money you're willing to spend, that's excellent hardware. If you have neither a bigbox Amiga nor an A1200, get an A1200 first. Go for OS 3.9, it's way better and much more stable than 3.5.

But once again: Buying classic hardware now makes only sense if you're a collector or want to run old games. OS 3.9 is not very useful for collectors and/or retro-gamers, that makes me think you actually want to use it. In that case, you'd better wait for Amithlon2 or the AmigaOne. Or use WinUAE-JIT for now.
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