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Hi all,
Some comments from TJ the author of the HAM6 software.
Glad to see that he got it working.

A few comments on the EAB thread...

Anyone who wants to experiment with seeing how images look in the
different Amiga OCS screenmodes should check out the program HAMlab. A
link was posted on a while back saying that it is now freeware.

When I tried playback on the A2000 in standard 68000 mode it could only
hit 7-8fps. Since there isn't much code to execute in between DMA
transfers from disk to chipmem, I guess the overhead of calling the OS for
each disk read is holding it back. IIRC it uses two screen buffers and
syncs up by polling the interrupt status register to check for the audio
DMA restart. Maybe this can be improved by using a larger circular buffer,
doing fewer system calls and using the audio interrupt to swap screen
pointers? I have at least the partial source code for the player around
here somewhere if folks are interested (converter also).

The static palette could be used better to combat the HAM fringing also.
Currently it is only used for the first color of each line and for
full-white/black pixels.
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