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Arrow 2nd Anniversary of the PSX Datacenter!!!

2nd Anniversary of the PSX Datacenter!!!

2 years ago, i opened officially the PSX Datacenter, and since then more than 2600 entries had been made.

Lot of work still to do, and i had added more features that wasn't to be added when i opened the site, but with time i decided that were necessary is the goal of the site is to be most complete PSX One games database on the web.

First, thanks to all the people that had contributed in any way to the site during these 2 years of work, the site got more than 2600 entries that is good enough for just 2 years of working but there is still a lot of work to do to reach the final goal (maybe the site will never be fully completed, since there are still games that seems pretty hard to find, but we will try to be as complete as we can).

With today's update i had added another section to the site's downloads page: The memory cards saves, there the people will find game saves of games, some will be from the beginning of the game until the end, and others as far as we had reached, people can contribute to that section if they want to. We will add more saves with time.

I also would like to ask all of you a favour: Since we are always needing people that could contribute to the site if you know a way to make this site more known please do it, (I had run out of ideas about to make the site more known) we need any help that we can find, thanks for your help.

Nothing more for now, i hope that people will contribute in the future, and that the people that already is contributing continue supporting the site.

Today's update (29-November-2009):
I had added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter

* Eve Zero - Ark of the matter [SLPM-86478-80] (J)
* Eve Zero - Ark of the Matter [Limited Edition] [SLPM-86475-7] (J)
* Eve Zero - Ark of the matter [Gamevillage the Best] [SLPM-86976~8] (J)
* Eve - The Fatal Attraction [SLPM-86826-8] (J)
* Eve - The Fatal Attraction [Limited Edition] [SLPM-86821-3] (J)
* Eve - The Fatal Attraction [Gamevillage the Best] [SLPM-87221~3] (J)
* Eve - The Lost One [SLPS-01805~8] (J)
* Eve - The Lost One [Gamevillage the Best] [SLPM-87246-8] (J)
* Evergreen Avenue [SLPS-03278] (J)
* Exector [SLPS-00091] (J)
* Expert [SLPS-00342] (J)
* Extra Bright [SLPS-00625] (J)
* Koukroseatro - Yuukyuu no Hitomi [SLPS-02385] (J)
* Koukroseatro - Yuukyuu no Hitomi [Value 1500] [SLPS-03283] (J)
* Minna no Golf 2 [SCPS-10093] (J)
* Minna no Golf 2 [PlayStation the Best] [SCPS-91197] (J)
* Seireki 1999 - Pharaoh no Fukkatsu [SLPS-00599] (J)

* Eternal Eyes [SLUS-01034] (E)
* Evil Dead - Hail to the King [SLUS-01072 & SLUS-01326] (E)
* Hot Shots Golf 2 [SCUS-94476] (E)
* Powerslave [SLUS-00102] (E)

* Eternal Eyes [SLES-02270] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
* Everybody's Golf 2 [SCES-02146] (E)
* Evil Dead - Hail to the King [SLES-03428 & SLES-13428] (E)
* Exhumed [SLES-00097] (E)(F)(G)(S)
If anyone got any of the missing information please CONTRIBUTE them. Thanks.

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