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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog
is that yours kitty ???
the chips of doogh what are they called ? 3 wire ?
I need some info on addin the mod chip to a PSone-SCPH-102 has anyone got any info or linkiyes please
Nope not my psx, I wouldnt need a chip if that was mine, I think the Yaroze plays backups by default!

Dunno what the chips are called from DoogUK, its 3 wire for certain models (I think yours will be a 3 wire or 4 wire), if you want the chip to use stealth its a 7 wire mod on the same chip.
Lot's of info on the net about psx chipping, I'm still looking for the 7 wire diagram for the chip doogh is sending me though, not sure if I have the correct one.

PSOne/102 Series

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