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Originally posted by Unknown_K
How is the sound on those games played using an emulator on an emulator?
On average I can pull off 40FPS with WinUAE under a Virtual PC, and as for the sound, well it breaks up a lot. No support for (Direct)3D acceleration unfortunately. I'm gonna try playing a DVD later.

Originally posted by Frederic
Mods..sorry to be an annoying prick, but this is an excellent thread and should not die. Anyway, will someoen answer me this:
I have Windows XP. I now can no longer run my fave old flight sims or my holy gaming grail, Panzer General. Will this virtual PC program let me run old DOS games? Can it emulate Win 95?
It sure can, Frederic! It's a fully feldged PC, you can install and run almost any OS you desire. This is part of my reason for installing Windows 98, I want to play old DOS based and Win9x games.

This is great! I can test (ad)(spy)ware, and even viruses while sharing my development environment without fear of endangering my host system!

I'm running this Operating System off my RAM drive - it's lightning fast, of course being only a temporary drive I must back it up often. I use WinRAR for this purpose, and Windows 98 can be compressed down to a mere 90MB!
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