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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Easy to find yes, easy to justify cost, no. Why pay £87 when you can pay £2.50?
In my case it's easy, as the time I can spend on the Amiga is very limited. Convenience and ease of use is worth a lot to me. Obviously not everyone is going to value it as much. And yeah, I'd recommend trying to find a cheap network card on AmiBay first, they show up occasionally.

I disagree. I would recommend only considering a SCSI controller if it comes built into an accelerator. I've got an old A2091 SCSI controller in mine and it does not not make the machine feel any faster for transfers to that drive. In fact it is sometimes slower due to Zorro II bandwidth limitations.
Maybe I should have been clearer - I meant a *fast* SCSI controller such as the Fastlane, 4091, or on your accelerator. Z2 SCSI cards are indeed a waste of power and slots...

For me moving from internal IDE to a Fastlane card slashed application launch time to a third. Of course, YMMV.

What will make the machine feel faster will be to use an updated file system such as SFS or PFS3 and an asynchronous workbench replacement.
Also excellent suggestions.
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