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Originally posted by Korodny

An A1 will be $500 - it's hard to stay cheaper when updating your classic Amiga. And compared to the A1, an updated classic Amiga lacks USB, Ethernet and AGP, can take a maximum amount of 128 MB (in case of the BlizzardPPC) [...]and it has an extremely outdated and crippled PPC CPU.
But it has custom chips

Sorry, you should see how INVALUABLE these chips are to me. I use them for work. A lot. And Deluxe Paint is, in my working environment, an irreplaceable tool! Same goes for Videotracker, Scala and MNUĀ³, to name but three more.

All of a sudden the idea of the Amiga One started to appeal to me, mainly because OS4 seems to be a corker, and by all teh good things you said about it. But now it all went down in flames because teh PCI card to interface this with an A1200 is never going to appear. I was even planning already to buy an A1200 mobo from Mick for this purpose.

Amiga Inc. has managed, again, to destroy my positivism about their stuff... This will be the last time ever I fall for it.

I'm very sad
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