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Commodore had the same problems apple had in the 90's, it was a hardware company and liscencing the hardware would have made for a better hardware base but also meant that the struggling parent company would have more competition.

Commodores main problem that killed them was they owed too much money for a very long time, I think the A1200 was doing ok and the cd32 was selling also when commodore died. Commodore should have NEVER got into the PC clone buisiness.

The only thing commodore could have done was either make all the designs and patents public domain where a number of companies could have made amiga computers or sold these patents and designs to a company with the will and resources to continue the legacy. And even then if they didnt have the resources for R&D your still screwed trying to sell a platform that will age quickly compared to the rest of the market. Look how many companies selling equipment for macs have bit the dust in the last 10 years, and mac users are as loyal as amiga ones.

I think I have stated this elsewhere only reason the Intel PC is the market champion is because I can start a PC company tomorrow and clone the hardware. Once you build a platform that is used by the vast majority of the market its sold to everybody will code for it and make upgrades for it, and the smaller companies cant compete and will die off like the Tandy's, Atari's, Amiga's, Ti's, MSX's, Sinclairs, etc etc etc. Most of these companies were the market leader at one point in time or another before the consolidation. I see apple trying to be a software company more then a hardware company just so its positioned to live if/when they too quit making hardware. If you look at the PC market now the R&D is spread out among quite a few different companies. ATI + Nvidia do the video card research, Intel+ AMD do the processors, all the tiwan motherboard makers help with chipsets. How could commodore compete by doing all the R&D and just selling hardware to make its money back.

Although Amiga sucked ass in the marketing and long term buisiness aproach they did make some interesting hardware for a good price. But I think long term the pure proprietary computer makers were doomed no matter what they did, only part of Atari still around is atari soft, and apple made better long term plans. Even IBM who braught the intel PC into existance and has a HUGE budget for R&D is pretty much a small player in the market they started, more of a consulting/solutions company these days.
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