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Hi alexh,

So the DENEB is the way to go for USB...? I should have mentioned that there's 16MB of RAM and an eyetech scandoubler too - yeh!

There's a 4Gb HD but I have a spare CF adaptor but no spare card they're all in my 1200s but that is an option for the future...

I'm totally clueless about CPU upgrades though and I'm perhaps more interested in a gfx card (I have an Indivision AGA for my A1200/40 and it certainly impresses through my 4:3 LCD panel I got from a local bank's skip!)

Truth is I've never owned a 4000 before it's always been 1200s but I'd like to pimp this one up and preserve it...cpu and ram upgrades are my priority...make it my main squeeze as it were (god i'm sad)

It's a 1B mobo which i believe is the most common - the battery needs out as it's furring up and I don't want any of that on the nearby chips etc.

What is an A3640 ? An accelerator with cpu and where can these be got/seen???

Oh yes I like the panel IDE-CF adaptor idea....


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