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Wasnt the reason the original 1200's were inexpensive compared to the pc's and macs because of the commodore designing and manufacturing their own custom chipsets? If you use PCI and ISA slots dont you have to pay a liscensing fee and still have to pay for somebody elses chips for those devices? The more off the shelf parts used to make a unit the more it costs you to make it. I am surprised companies got all those fancy addons to work with the 1200 to begin with.

My dream A1200 would have upgradable vram, memory expansion using standard memory dimms, a bootable laptop sized cdrom buit in on one side and a 1.44 floppy on the other. Built in networking would have been nice or at least another pcmcia slot. Oh and VGA connector with 30khz output 1024x768x32bit and maybe built in scsi support for external burners.
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