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OK, I want to run OS 4. I have done so much research on it, and it looks great. The software lined up is immaculate. But its not out so I am going to do the E bay thing and run 3.9. Question:
What do I need to buy that exists NOW to run it?
A BlizzardPPC or CyberstormPPC and a gfx card. But you, as a New Yorker, probably already smell that this is not a good option - unless you find somebody who sells the required hardware extremely cheap.

An A1 will be $500 - it's hard to stay cheaper when updating your classic Amiga. And compared to the A1, an updated classic Amiga lacks USB, Ethernet and AGP, can take a maximum amount of 128 MB (in case of the BlizzardPPC) - which is not that much if you're running a JIT 68k emulator (as OS4 does) and it has an extremely outdated and crippled PPC CPU.
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