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I like the boring low-level stuff that a system bios can deliver, if properly coded of course
Same goes for me

As for the lost URL, would you be talking about something similar to the following
No, that's 9-Pin RS232 <-> USB adaptor. I know that somebody is selling either parallel port <-> 9-Pin digital joyport or USB <-> 9-Pin joyport adaptors. But I can't remember the URL....


Oh-oh, I see a problem here...

All teh alternatives look nice but... that would just allow you to read Amiga disks... What happens with the CUSTOM CHIPSET???

This means the A1 suddenly got SHITE in my eyes
As explained in another thread, this mainly affects old games. You seem to misunderstand the aim of the AmigaOne project. The A1 does not want to replace your A500/A600 - it wants to replace your PC
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