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Hey hey, teacher! You forgot to say this will happen ONLY if you have your A1200 hooked onto it! The A1 lacks the custom chipsetry
Sorry, seems I haven't expressed myself clearly. I was talking about applications, "serious" software (not games). Most of them will work on the AmigaOne, even those that use the custom chips - as long as they only use OS function calls to access the custom chips. An example would be a program that insists on openening a 640*256 screen, but can be promoted (using ModePro/NewMode) to a Picasso96/Cgfx screen with the same resolution on a classic Amiga. Using "fake native screens", OS4 will automatically reroute the output of such an application to your gfx card. Calls to audio.device will also be redirected to AHI, therefore a program that uses audio.device to access the custom chips (e.g. to play samples) will still work on the AmigaOne.

All stuff that was released/updated in the last years has proper support for gfx and soundcards anyway. There are very few applications that...

1. work on my current Amiga,
2. won't run on the A1
3. are still useful these days

Apart from some hardware banging MIDI tools, I can only come up with three titles: DPaint, TrueBrilliance and Scala.

Games are a totally different story of course. All commercial games released before 1998 absolutely need the custom chips. But to be honest, to run these I would rather have a seperate setup with an A1200 and a big TV screen in front of some very comfortable chairs instead of slaughtering my 1200, forcing it into the same case as another computer and wasting lots of space on my desk with another monitor.


Great Idea but i dont think even that would make XP Pro worth its retail £300 price tag!
Well, thinking about it, "free sex slaves from Microsoft" doesn't sound that good anymore. Just imagine the end user license agreement they would ship with...
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