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Originally posted by Korodny
A PCI card that fits into one of the A1's PCI slots. A ribbon cable connects this PCI card to the A1200 motherboard. The A1200 acts as an expansion to the A1, important Chipset register addresses are "mirrored" in the A1's memory. This way, software directly hitting the custom chip registers would work on the A1 (you would have to connect a monitor to the A1200's video/audio ports of course) and you could access A1200 ports from AmigaOS4 (joyports, floppy disk drive).

Escena were supposed to develop the PCI card. But to be honest, nobody in the OS4/AmigaOne development team expects them to deliver this hardware...

Oh-oh, I see a problem here...

All teh alternatives look nice but... that would just allow you to read Amiga disks... What happens with the CUSTOM CHIPSET???

This means the A1 suddenly got SHITE in my eyes
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