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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
I demand prototype PS pics or it never happend
It just looks like a regular PS-1 but it has more connectors on the back, most notably S-Video.

It's not a Nintendo/Sony SNES CD-drive or anything like that.

If the box with it in surfaces this weekend I'll post pics.

I got more retro "crap" from skip-diving on that 12-month job than in the 13 years since. Developer Sega Saturn, 3DFX prototype Dreamcast (a PC), prototype PS, Amiga A3000, Acorn Archimedes, A2000, Video Toaster 2000, Developer Atari Jaguar CD system (which I gave to James Boulton, then housemate & co author of Atari ST emulator SainT), erm... Starfox 2 ROM & source code... etc. etc. the list was long and distinguished...
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