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I feel like taking a look into PD RPG and graphic adventure stuff. So far there are those GRAC things on the adventure side and looting HOL I can see RPGs like Legends Of Lothian, Dawn, and Black Dawn.

I already deep-searched Aminet sometime ago for all text-adventure related material (and in fact an Amiga text adventure of my own has been on the works for some time and will see the light anytime around next year, it's likely to be spanish-only, though )

So, am I missing some interesting thing aside the already mentioned in the adventure-RPG field? My next project (if any XDD) could be some graphic adventure or RPG, fullfilling my younghood desire of making some Amiga adventure game (wich died with my first Amiga 500 back in the days!), and I would like to see what was acomplished in those genres in the PD world.

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