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Wow, brilliant thread with some excellent contributions!

Personally, I don't care if my computer of choice is "more powerful" than the competition, if it's market share is bigger or smaller than Apple's, or if Windows comes with a free sex slave. As long as my system does what I need it to do and there's ongoing development, I'm satisfied.

Judging by the amount of people around me trying out Linux distros (without having much of a clue), it seems there is demand for alternative platforms.

Using AmigaOS is a completely different experience to using Linux or MacOS (not to mention Windows of course). I love it, and I'm sure there'll be other people learning to love it (again).


So whats the deal with the AmigaOne anyway, all the old software still needs and emulator to run on that unit?
No. most software released/updated in the last 6-7 years will run on the AmigaOne. Obviously it is written for an 68k processor, so the OS has to have an inbuilt 68k processor emulator (do not confuse this with a complete "computer-emulator" as WinUAE). You won't recognise the difference between running a PPC native application like the upcoming AudioEvolution and your old 1996 copy of SBase4 Pro.

anybody developing for it?
MediaPointRTG (multimedia authoring/broadcasting like Scala), AudioEvolution (HD-recording, mixing, sequencing), Real3D (Raytraycing), Sin (FPS), Papyrus (Office suite), OpenOffice, Motionstudio (NLE video editing), BurnIt Pro (CD/VideoCD/DVD authoring) are a few of the PPC only titles that I can remember atm (there's more).

Additionally, most existing Amiga software whith a copyright date somewhat newer than 1995 should run on the A1.


I think the AmigaOne is a load of bull. I am a New Yorker, we smell a scam from miles away.
Sorry to dissapoint you, but my A1 is real - and it works perfectly.
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