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I've been just told that AmigaONE is arleady out for the suppliers.
That's not true. While the AmigaOne hardware is finished for months and working perfectly, the Softex BIOS that was supplied with the machines was extremely buggy and outdated. A third party that was contracted to work on the BIOS (update it, make it compatible with Amiga standards like Amiga formatted hard disks) simply failed to do their job. Currently Hyperion are porting and adopting the open source BIOS PPCBoot to the AmigaOne while adding some very cool functionality (mainly boring low-level stuff, no need to further explain that) along the way.

Work on the BIOS is nearly completed (currently it is under heavy testing). BIOS should be finished at the end of this month.

The guy also told me you will be able to connect your A1200 to the Amigaone mobo and use the dedicate A1200 chips with it.. (!?!?!!?!?!) This would be like an A1200 running a G3@600Mhz
The original plan looks (looked, see below) like this:

A PCI card that fits into one of the A1's PCI slots. A ribbon cable connects this PCI card to the A1200 motherboard. The A1200 acts as an expansion to the A1, important Chipset register addresses are "mirrored" in the A1's memory. This way, software directly hitting the custom chip registers would work on the A1 (you would have to connect a monitor to the A1200's video/audio ports of course) and you could access A1200 ports from AmigaOS4 (joyports, floppy disk drive).

Escena were supposed to develop the PCI card. But to be honest, nobody in the OS4/AmigaOne development team expects them to deliver this hardware...


1. DFx

An adapter that is plugged between a standard AmigaOne/PC floppy disk controller and the disk drive. Enables the host computer to read/write standard Amiga floppy disks. Will (should) work with Amithlon, AmigaOne, Windows (given proper software support of course).

2. CatweaselPCI

Jens Schönfeld is working on a PCI version of the Catweasel. A multi purpose disk controller, which is able to read virtually any disk format you throw at it (CBM 5 1/4"PC, 5 1/4", Apple DD, Amiga etc.)

3. USB to 9-Pin digital joyport adaptors

Seems I lost the URL..

4. UAE

5. Elbox's SharkPPC G3/G4 accelerator cards for classic Amiga machines

While the Shark cards are a licensed design (i.e. they are working in Apple computers already), the integration with classic hardware is pretty tricky. Let's wait and see if Elbox manage to solve all related problems. Would be cool, of course.


It would actually be an AmigaOne with the biggest, stupidest expansion card ever .
Right, but isn't that the kind of obscure concept that appeals to you?
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