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10 years ago....

When you become older, you start to dream about what happened 10 years ago. I remember I was about to become dad for the first time ..

10 years ago started, so I think it could be funny to try relive those old news

24 Nov 1999
AWD [News] Centsible Software bought out Paxtron Inc.
The company Centsible Software has bought out Paxtron Inc. Paxtron still had over 300 mainboards for A600, A500, A3K, A2K and some A4K in stock, among others.

24 Nov 1999
Jens Schönfeld by e-mail Catwasel: new multidisk.device

The new multidisk.device v3.46 for Catweasel released. Download: mdisk346.lha. Changes from v3.42:
  • Errors while formatting Amiga DD/HD disks - fixed
  • Crashed with Buddha Flash - fixed
  • detection of Catweasel Z-II S-class
Included in the archive: A tool for reading and writing disk images. With it, you can create #?.adf images for Amiga emulators, or #?.d64 images from C64 disks, without having to mount CDM0:.
24 Nov 1999
Aminet [recent] Aminet Uploads until November 23rd, 1999
With 77 kB it's a rather long list today, since I haven't been asking for new uploads for some time. I will post new uploads on a more regular basis from now on. (ps)

24 Nov 1999
Andreas R. Kleinert New ak-Datatype versions
akJFIF-dt.lha - V44.50 (22.11.99) - (68k+PPC/WOS)
akNAIL-dt.lha - V44.7 (22.11.99) - (68k)
akPNG-dt.lha - V44.50 (22.11.99) - (68k+PPC/WOS)
akTIFF-dt.lha - V44.50 (22.11.99) - (68k+PPC/WOS)

24 Nov 1999
Epic Marketing Simon the Sorcerer 2 ported to Amiga
Epic Marketing was collecting signatures on the Cologne show to judge interest in a port of Simon the Sorcerer. Since sufficient numbers of signatures have been collected, it was announced yesterday that the port will be done.
I am looking forward forward for this game, finally a new, really nice, comfortable adventure for the Amiga. (ps)

24 Nov 1999 Doubling speed with A3640 processor?
With a question on a mailinglist, reader Daryl Holley brough attention to the website available from the title link, which offers the "QuadDoubler". Originally, this doubler was developed for the Macintosh Quadra series, but is said to work with Motorola 100/50 MHz 68040 CPUs, too. Several users have confirmed this to work with the Amiga.

24 Nov 1999
GREED PFS 3.3 Upgrade Version 3.5153 available
Download: PFS3_5153.lha - 187 kB and PFS3_5153.readme for upgrade patches PFS3 to PFS3.3.

24 Nov 1999
Foundation Foundation Update 1.26 available
As reported before, Foundation is now available in two different versions. "Foundation" and "Foundation Director's Cut", short FoundationDC, which is distributed by Epic Marketing. FoundationDC is for all purposes a re-edited issue of Foundation, which you only have to buy if you don't already own Foundation.
Since FoundationDC has a different file layout, it has been hard for the Author Paul Burkey to create an update which is compatible to both versions. A first beta version of the update 1.26 is now available from the website. By end of the week, another update will be available. Download:

24 Nov 1999
GoldED GoldED X-Mas Special
Twice a year, visitors of the GoldED website can order GoldED Studio 6 for half the price. This special starts Friday, November 26th, 1999 and lasts three days. To participate, you have to order a ticket. The number of tickets is limited, they are given out first-ordered, first-served.

24 Nov 1999
CyberGraphX News Rave3D pages updated
Aside from many links for developers, you can find an overview over Rave3D here.

24 Nov 1999
Markus Fellhauer in ANF Frogger version 1.44 released
At the titlelink, you can download MPEG video player for different Amiga systems.

24 Nov 1999
AmigaAMP Waves Of The Future PlugIn updated
At the PlugIn page you'll find further details. Download: WavesOfTheFuture11.lha

24 Nov 1999
AER Emulator News
At the title link, you'll find new versions of DarcNES, A/NES CGFX, AmiMSX2, AmiGameBay and AmiMaster.

24 Nov 1999
Andreas Hippauf by e-mail Light Force News
Andreas Hippauf writes:
We have founded a programmer team named "strange worlds" (name resulting from our intent to create whole virtual worlds on the Amiga). Our first project "Newtron" became one step more professional by it. With the name, two new members joined the team:
Costel Mincea will be our graphician, responsibler for intro and animations. Oliver Schuler should already be known to many for his Amiga port of glTron. He will support us for exsample with 3D calculating functions for normal vectors (needed for light effects and textures).
Please be informed that the project Newtron now has a new name: As finished game it will be named "Light Force", and probably be released on CD.
Since the namechange, the old internet site is no longer available. Informations about Light Force has been completely integrated into our LA-Workbench, and is available under the title link. There is also a new demo version available! The demo now has 1 or 2 player mode optionally, various perspectives, collision control, improved controlling options (especially mouse control!), sadly still rather stupid opponents, score is already counted etc! Give it a try!
With regret we have to say that so far very little e-mail has been recieved for Newtron! We hope that feedback will improve with the demo version. As long as less than 200 Amiga users are really interested in the game, it is not sure if we will really finish the game. In these insecure times, user feedback is the most important part in such a project! The more people tell us what they liked (or what they didn't like), what they want in it, the more we are motivated to implement all these ideas and continue!

24 Nov 1999
Jörn Plewka in d.c.s.a.m. Support for Twister1200 (DCE)
Jörn Plewka writes in d.c.s.a.m.:
Due to some requests, I want to make clear: For more than a year now, no one from the developer union Katodev has any rights in Twister1200 aside from the right to use the circuitry in other designs. Other "Katodev" designs are currently in the state of changing ownership. This has no negative results for the user, however.
&nbps;Some people are individually and officially offering support for the Twister1200 cards by DCE, which is why the Twister Mk2 can be found on the KatoDev website. Since users (like ourselves) have generally bad experiences with support, the people involved have decided to offer first-hand support from developers and engineers!
For the user, is an easy-to-remember contact for questions. Internally, the message is forwarded automatically depending on subject and content. By the way, we have created other collective adresses.
Since developers, for reasons of efficiency, should not constantly interrupt their work, or be available at all, we want to ask again not to call us on the phone, but use e-mail, WWW and fax instead. If a phonecall should be necessary, this is usually only possible after 6:00 PM MET (which is in any case the better choice). There is a risk, however, that the wrong developer will be on the phone.
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