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Help me with my next game?

THis is probably in the wrong forum, but I had no idea to where put it. Please don't put it in the off-topic, as I don't want to be deleted with 2 weeks, as it may take a bit longer to people reply this kind of thing.

I am very close to finish coding Space Disorder now, and I am already starting to design my next game.

And this time, I would like to take the advice people gave me with Space Disorder, and ask help to someone who can properly draw... I want to make a game for my girlfriend (I wish I could do a music for her, but I guess my only talent is design games ).. it will be a simple shooting galery with cute animals (She likes this stuff , and a shooting galery is easy enough for her to play.. no keyboard messing, just mouse )

If someone could draw to me some cute animals walking (or running) , and a few nice backgrounds, I would be very grateful. I would like at least one background with some kind of window that would open, showing animals to shoot, and then close. (This window would need to be a separate sprite)

Of course, full credit will be given for the artists. Also I wanna add that the game will be freeware, and I won't make any money with it, and the artist also won't

Thanx in advance
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