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Check out this amigan

Looking for the small japanese Amiga user base, I stumbled upon this interview with a japanese musician:

This guy ROCKS, read all of teh pages, a TRUE amigan!
The page features weak english but it;s understandable enough.

My hat's off for this person. i'm trying to do as him taking my meega to my multimedia shows

I'll be trying to contact japanese Amiga users for more information about the Amiga and their country.

Amiga is a passion all across the world!

I'll end with a quote:
14. Why do you use AMIGA for the system of Interactive Live Show, not Windows nor Mac? Did you consider AMIGA software for its individualities?.

A: Just as I started to produce the Interactive Live Show, a certain PC manufacturer made me an eager offer to use their machines and let their staff work on it. I darely said to him, "Just rebuild my live show's system only with your machines. I don't care about how many ones you pile up." I hardly heard from him ever since.
AMIGA is the machine which can accept any plans of amateurs like me and make them realised. It let us easily combine what we have already done and gives us hope that "I can do it". It is a machine permits even amateurs the enjoyment of computing, not operating.
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