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I have to transfer it to my meega and tell you how it is, but from the looks of it, it's just like the PC version (ie quite fucking good)
The PC version indeed is excellent.

Not a problem, if the PROBE dreamteam would have handled the conversion. They did MK and MK2, NBA Jam was a piece of cake for them IMO. I wish they had converted japanese arcades.

You mean, the 1 button problem isn't a problem? Hardware aside, I am sure Probe could have easily done it. Now I am interested of how the could convert it to 1 button. I personally have some ideas of how it could be done, but none of them are THAT good.

Dunno how much pixel can the A1200 push, so perhaps it can't handle Batsugun. But lots of other could have. And they were not ported just because of the japanese producers' lack of interest in the platform. Someone should have gone to Japan and sold the Amiga to them. They would have made wonders with it. The FEW jap arcade conversions we had were done by european teams. I can only wonder what the japs could have done with this brilliant hardware.
Like you said below, making the right compromises, Batsugun could be ported to the A1200. Agree 100% about Japs making stuff for the Amiga

If the GBA got KOF, I don't think they would be many! GBA KOF must be at the most 64Mbit, that's about 8 disks. Shaq Fu had 6 and it was cack And the NeoGeo Pocket has a KOF in 16Mbits. As I always say, with teh right compromises, ANY game can be ported to any platform!
I know the Game Boy version of KOF (The CLASSIC gameboy), and it's excellent. 8 Disks for me is a little too much, but anyway, like you said, Shaq Fu was in 6 and it sux bad

That's what I just said about the jappers. JUST IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT: japanese companies like Treasure, Taito, Sega, etc., programming IN-HOUSE for the Amiga... Alien Soldier on the Amiga. Sonic Team doing Puyo Puyo Amiga or Chu Chu Rocket Amiga. Drool-o-rama.
Alien Soldier and Gunstar Heroes for Amiga...... Goddamn, it makes me feel crazy just to think about it . Like I said, I agree it's a shame the japs didn't do Amiga games. Oh, and Puyo Puyo is from COMPILE, damn! I am tired of people stealing Puyo Puyo from them!

Saturn port is quite decent!
You once told me about the Saturn port, and that time you told me people had told you the Saturn version was "alright", but still wasn't in the same level of the arcade one..
Strange how it needed a 32 bit system to get a decent conversion, being such an OLD game.

Power Drift and Daytona USA are the 2 games I spent more coins at Arcade (Damn Sega )
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