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Anybody here the same

Iv'e found a new fasination in the form of Amiga strategy types on Amiga

Looking back to my Amiga days, i enjoyed most types of games on Amiga, but never the more seemingly complicated types.Games like UFO, Sim City etc.Certainly some of them appealed like say K240 but i never managed to get my head around them to be able to fully enjoy the games

Of these types i would normally play easier ones like Supremacy of Deutros and even then i didn't completely take it all in to the point i could confidently play them

Now though i find myself very excited at the idea of playing some of these more in depth games.Although i will likely never be too excited at the prospect of playing Theme Park say, Starlord, K240, UFO, Transarctica all now have me excited and i know there are others too that demand my respect

Transarctica though is what i'm most looking forward to playing out of all of these as the atmosphere is to die for in this game and it looks very unique - i'm hoping it's as good as it all looks to be

I guess the reason i have developed a sudden love for this type of game is because i can now take it all in, what with my brain having aged enough to grasp it i suppose

Anyone here find they too have a new appreciation for Amiga games they never thought they would?
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